About this site

We are in the process of relocating our church 25 years.  It has been a process started in back in 2011 when we purchased 9 acres of land located in a prime location for progress and growth.  It has seems like such a long time since then.  Many changes have taken place in our staff, congregation and expectations.  But we are warriors.  We will continue to fight and not give up.

Things that haven’t changed include our message, our love for people and the heartbeat of our church to reach out to those hurting and offer hope.  In fact, because of all that we have journeyed through, our focus has become more precise.  We are about reaching out to those who need restoration.

The name of our church is Voice of Pentecost.  We are considering changing it when our new building is ready.  We haven’t completetly decided to what, but it will be to something about Hope.

This site is to keep you updated on our progress till the dedication service in our newly finished church.  The worst is over and we are in final stages. Hopefully, you will keep tabs and maybe even help along the way.052

Here is the tear soaked picture of the day we signed on the new property.  Oh such a long 5 years ago.





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