July 13

imageAs you can see, this picture is overcast and it was raining. I had to lighten it up. But that hasn’t stopped the progress!! The walls have closed in, in the best way possible, and the roof is almost completed! We expect the it to all be on by the end of the week.

Some dear saints are smoothing out the ground in front of the building because we are going to need another place to worship in September. Our rental is up and we are just too close to the end to sign up for more. There is a building on the property that we will convert to have church in. It won’t be easy but our church has been through plenty and will make it through this too.

I am so proud of the warriors our saints have become, pushing through each hurdle, difficulty, postponement with flair. We seem to be like the Israelites wandering through the wilderness, waiting for the promised land to come. But we are almost to the end.

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