July 24

IMG_6019.JPGIt may seem small, but it’s not.  The house on our church property is being converted into a small tabernacle.  And we will be able to seat around 140 chairs in this place.  By having a couple of services a Sunday, everyone will attend church!

This is just the second stage.  Concrete was poured on the porch and the carport to match the foundation of the living room and walls have been put up for support.  The inside walls will be taken down next and the electricity has been upped to support our small sound system.  We will be in here having church within the month.

Some more work still needs to be done on the metal of the outside of the church building but we are still progressing.

A fun fact, well semi-fact, about the property is that we strongly believe that a gator has made his home in the pond in the back acreage.  We will find out as soon as we can get back there without sinking in the mud too far.

For more information, please email me.  If you would like to financially support us, please go to http://voiceofpentecost.securegive.com




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