August 9 (sorta)

Well, progress is breezing on!  Thank you Lord!! I will take it while we can.  I personally am out of town and so the progress is even more than this.  The outside overhangs have been put up and the little metal things are being taken care of.  It’s so beautiful.  I know most may not think the same as me, but when you have been looking for this for so long, there is more emotion involved that makes it beautiful.

The inside is being framed more quickly than we ever thought it could be. The first room framed up completely was the prayer room.  That’s exactly what we want first.  Prayer.  We know that we have not done this without God making it happen.  On our own, we messed up, stumbled through and just couldn’t make things happen.  But God has orchestrated the entire process.  We are so thankful God kept us in His hands.

Even more progress has been made since these pictures and when I get back in town, the second stop I will make is to see what’s happening.  We’ve been told by the contractor that if we got all warm and fuzzy about the prayer room, we will be blown away by what is done now.

If you would like to give financially, it can be done easily at



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