We are progressing fabulously! After the great flood of 2016, we have been in a drought.  The drought has allowed us to pour concrete everyday.  It’s been a blessing in that way.  The rest of the city is a dust bowl! The door has been delivered and hopefully will be installed tomorrow.  Things are coming along nicely and we are thinking that maybe we might be able to hopefully with a lot of help move in this March.  We could celebrate pastoring for 26 and have a installation service all in one.

We have been in our little mini tabernacle having two services on Sundays for about a month now and it’s going great.  Everyone is so happy to have our own place and be together in one place again.  A side note on our mini tabernacle, it was almost ready when the flood happened.  It had to be gutted, dried out and we almost had to start completely over on the remodel. Many people across the nation helped out and one man in particular sent us enough sheetrock to reconstruct our home, many homes of the flooded people in our church and our beloved mini tabernacle. This 44 year old man tragically died falling off a ladder about a month ago.  He was a wonderfully generous man and we are thankful for the permanent reminder of this in the walls of our homes and church.

You just never know. Be the best version of yourself today. Tomorrow isn’t promised.  Even for the best of us.

To help us financially build HOPE in Central click here.



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