Things are progressing so quickly, I honestly cannot keep up.  The carpet was finished this week and the doors and the rest of the plumbing is being completed next week.  It’s so super beautiful.  My heart is overflowing.


I had to fight for this right here.  The guys couldn’t quite see the vision I had of how not nice it would look if the whole platform “toe” was done in solid grey.  They claimed there may not be enough carpet to make this look happen, but I stood my ground and said to get carpet out of another room if they had to but this was going to be done like this.  I was right and they all admitted it afterwards.  This “toe” is what everyone will be looking at during the service and I want it to be right.  It’s so very beautiful.


I love this picture because it shows the curves of the platform and walls really well.  The carpet looks great and when the lights are installed it will be completely beautiful.  You should come see it for yourself in the fall when we have our installation service.

The doors are being hung this week and the bathroom vanities are being ordered now.  It’s almost done!

We could use your help though.  We are having to do all this by faith and need more funds to finish and move in.  If you are able to donate your millions “wink, wink”, or if you can donate anything, we would be thankful for the help.

As always, everyone is welcome to visit and feel God’s presence with us together.  We don’t have a sign up yet, but the pastor did reveal the new name and logo a couple of weeks ago.  I don’t have the file for it yet but will soon.  Hope Central is the new name.  We are so very excited.  God is moving and we are letting our faith rise up!  God is good.

Help us financially at http://voiceofpentecost.securegive.com Join in being blessed!





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