It’s  been a couple of months since my last post because the Great Flood of 2016 hit us August 13. Our personal home, the mini tabernacle, the church building and 45 individuals in our church were flooded. Everyone has been affected because we all help one another out. Our city and the surrounding areas as well are still reeling in shock and doing our best to recover. Most places were not in a flood zone and have no insurance to help.

Thankfully, we have been extremely blessed with people coming from all over to volunteer their services and donate money to help with recovery.

I know we have been whining for the last few years about the slow progress of our construction, but God had a plan all along. If we had been any further along, we would have lost it all! All of it!!! And we were not in a flood zone and would have been completely devastated.

And now…. now things are flying along! It’s so beautiful! It’s been so long since we started the process that I forgot what we designed. We put curves in the platform and in the walls around it. It’s absolutely fabulous.


With the help of so many amazing people, our mini tabernacle was completely gutted and finished again and is almost ready to be filled with beautiful praise.

Our city is still a long way from completely recovery. But our church specializes in recovery and restoration and giving hope.

To help us financially


July 20


And the roof has been closed in! This was no easy feat considering the rain and then the heat.  By noon on non-rainy days, it gets to be around 120 degrees on top of the roof.  Super hot to be working.  But it has been done!  The windows will be ordered this week and work inside continues on.

We continue to smooth out the land between the church and the house on the property.  The rain doesn’t make it easy but we are moving that dirt around anyway.  The destruction for construction inside the house has started as well as clearing of the areas around for concrete to be poured.

Excitement is building and more and more people are becoming involved.

July 29 & 30 we are having a Building Fund Benefit lunch.  If you are in the area, contact us for a lunch.

If you want more information, please feel free to contact me.  You can easily help us financially at

About this site

We are in the process of relocating our church 25 years.  It has been a process started in back in 2011 when we purchased 9 acres of land located in a prime location for progress and growth.  It has seems like such a long time since then.  Many changes have taken place in our staff, congregation and expectations.  But we are warriors.  We will continue to fight and not give up.

Things that haven’t changed include our message, our love for people and the heartbeat of our church to reach out to those hurting and offer hope.  In fact, because of all that we have journeyed through, our focus has become more precise.  We are about reaching out to those who need restoration.

The name of our church is Voice of Pentecost.  We are considering changing it when our new building is ready.  We haven’t completetly decided to what, but it will be to something about Hope.

This site is to keep you updated on our progress till the dedication service in our newly finished church.  The worst is over and we are in final stages. Hopefully, you will keep tabs and maybe even help along the way.052

Here is the tear soaked picture of the day we signed on the new property.  Oh such a long 5 years ago.