update 8.5.17

Oh goodness it’s been a while!  We have been super busy for many reasons.

Building Hope in Central, Louisiana has not been a very easy task.  It has moved fast in some ways but in some, we seem as slow as a sloth.

This week though, our electricity was turned on! WE have lights and plugs to vacuum the new carpet.  Our chairs were set out and it looks fabulous.

pana inside church

We had one elderly saint actually cry when he walked in today.  With the lights and chairs, he was overwhelmed.  It has been such a long journey and his health is not the best.  He honestly thought he would die before this day arrived.  It has been over 6 years since we first bought this property.  We have endured much since then.

I am so thankful for those who have stayed along for rough ride.  There is a story in the Bible about Jesus asking those who were laughing and didn’t have the faith for a daughter to be raised from the dead to leave the room.  We know this process has required work.  We know it has seemed hopeless at times.  We know it has taken a lot of faith to see this church built.  But we also know God has been in it.  God desires a church like ours, with such saints and determination to be in this city.

We have our dedication event on October 6 & 8 of this year.  The building should be quite worn in by then.  You of course are welcome to attend.

You are also welcome to help support this building of hope financially.  Since some have decided to “walk out of the room” we need the support. The pastor has often said to donate you millions and God will bless you. 🙂 Check out


You won’ regret having the faith.




Things are progressing so quickly, I honestly cannot keep up.  The carpet was finished this week and the doors and the rest of the plumbing is being completed next week.  It’s so super beautiful.  My heart is overflowing.


I had to fight for this right here.  The guys couldn’t quite see the vision I had of how not nice it would look if the whole platform “toe” was done in solid grey.  They claimed there may not be enough carpet to make this look happen, but I stood my ground and said to get carpet out of another room if they had to but this was going to be done like this.  I was right and they all admitted it afterwards.  This “toe” is what everyone will be looking at during the service and I want it to be right.  It’s so very beautiful.


I love this picture because it shows the curves of the platform and walls really well.  The carpet looks great and when the lights are installed it will be completely beautiful.  You should come see it for yourself in the fall when we have our installation service.

The doors are being hung this week and the bathroom vanities are being ordered now.  It’s almost done!

We could use your help though.  We are having to do all this by faith and need more funds to finish and move in.  If you are able to donate your millions “wink, wink”, or if you can donate anything, we would be thankful for the help.

As always, everyone is welcome to visit and feel God’s presence with us together.  We don’t have a sign up yet, but the pastor did reveal the new name and logo a couple of weeks ago.  I don’t have the file for it yet but will soon.  Hope Central is the new name.  We are so very excited.  God is moving and we are letting our faith rise up!  God is good.

Help us financially at http://voiceofpentecost.securegive.com Join in being blessed!




May 2017

So much progress!!! We really are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.  Or it could be the lights in the hallway! Showing us freshly painted walls, installed ceilings and soft carpet.  It’s looking so very beautiful!  I love it so much.

The prayer room has the gorgeous windows framing the woods in the back and letting wonderful sunlight inside. Recently, a pristine Yamaha upright piano was donated and placed inside.  The acoustics are incredible! church5.17prayer

The Pastor’s Office has the curves from the backside of the platform in it.  I know you may be tired of reading it, but IT’S BEAUTIFUL! I cannot wait to dress this place up.church5.17office

The auditorium looks fantastic with black ceiling and curvy “Amazing Grey” walls and now swirly black and gold carpet underfoot.  The chairs are ordered and will be in soon. Pastor Martin had an extension made to the preaching area larger and grey carpet will added to around the front of the platform and steps.church5.17audit

I know what you are thinking. It’s beautiful! You are correct.

I don’t have a picture of the foyer and it’s new brick/tile work.  It has the best New Orleans alleyway feel! Today, the chandelier was installed and I will make sure to get a picture for the next blog.

We are further along into changing the name of our church.  A new logo is in the making.  It’s clever, streamlined and smart.  I cannot wait to show it.

Keep us in your prayers and if you would like to donate to help us along just click to: http://voiceofpentecost.securegive.com


It has been a while since I have posted something about our church building progress.  The Great Flood of 2016 really threw our area into a spin. Six months later and we are still far from complete recover.

We have been having great services in our temporary mini chapel throughout it all and keep moving forward.

The church now has all it’s walls and they are currently being painted.  We have progressed so very far.  The church is absolutely stunning.  I can’t say enough about how beautiful and unique it will be.  It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but the platform is in the middle of curving walls that will have ambient lighting.  I just completely love it!!

We after painting is finished, flooring will be put in.  The carpet has been delivered and is waiting to be used.  I am looking into brick pavers for the foyer and bathrooms. I really want this church to have a New Orleans French feel to it.  It’s exciting and nerve wracking as well.

We feel we are ready to bring HOPE to this community and are looking for ways to do that.  Having been one way for the past 25 years, we want to change with the times but not change the message.  The message is that Christ is your true HOPE. We prayerfully navigate what we are to be the next 25 years.

If you are interested in helping us progress financially, please go to http://voiceofpentecost.securegive.com  I know you have millions you need to get rid of and we are glad to help! 🙂





We are progressing fabulously! After the great flood of 2016, we have been in a drought.  The drought has allowed us to pour concrete everyday.  It’s been a blessing in that way.  The rest of the city is a dust bowl! The door has been delivered and hopefully will be installed tomorrow.  Things are coming along nicely and we are thinking that maybe we might be able to hopefully with a lot of help move in this March.  We could celebrate pastoring for 26 and have a installation service all in one.

We have been in our little mini tabernacle having two services on Sundays for about a month now and it’s going great.  Everyone is so happy to have our own place and be together in one place again.  A side note on our mini tabernacle, it was almost ready when the flood happened.  It had to be gutted, dried out and we almost had to start completely over on the remodel. Many people across the nation helped out and one man in particular sent us enough sheetrock to reconstruct our home, many homes of the flooded people in our church and our beloved mini tabernacle. This 44 year old man tragically died falling off a ladder about a month ago.  He was a wonderfully generous man and we are thankful for the permanent reminder of this in the walls of our homes and church.

You just never know. Be the best version of yourself today. Tomorrow isn’t promised.  Even for the best of us.

To help us financially build HOPE in Central click here.


August 9 (sorta)

Well, progress is breezing on!  Thank you Lord!! I will take it while we can.  I personally am out of town and so the progress is even more than this.  The outside overhangs have been put up and the little metal things are being taken care of.  It’s so beautiful.  I know most may not think the same as me, but when you have been looking for this for so long, there is more emotion involved that makes it beautiful.

The inside is being framed more quickly than we ever thought it could be. The first room framed up completely was the prayer room.  That’s exactly what we want first.  Prayer.  We know that we have not done this without God making it happen.  On our own, we messed up, stumbled through and just couldn’t make things happen.  But God has orchestrated the entire process.  We are so thankful God kept us in His hands.

Even more progress has been made since these pictures and when I get back in town, the second stop I will make is to see what’s happening.  We’ve been told by the contractor that if we got all warm and fuzzy about the prayer room, we will be blown away by what is done now.

If you would like to give financially, it can be done easily at http://voiceofpentecost.securegive.com


July 24

IMG_6019.JPGIt may seem small, but it’s not.  The house on our church property is being converted into a small tabernacle.  And we will be able to seat around 140 chairs in this place.  By having a couple of services a Sunday, everyone will attend church!

This is just the second stage.  Concrete was poured on the porch and the carport to match the foundation of the living room and walls have been put up for support.  The inside walls will be taken down next and the electricity has been upped to support our small sound system.  We will be in here having church within the month.

Some more work still needs to be done on the metal of the outside of the church building but we are still progressing.

A fun fact, well semi-fact, about the property is that we strongly believe that a gator has made his home in the pond in the back acreage.  We will find out as soon as we can get back there without sinking in the mud too far.

For more information, please email me.  If you would like to financially support us, please go to http://voiceofpentecost.securegive.com