August 9 (sorta)

Well, progress is breezing on!  Thank you Lord!! I will take it while we can.  I personally am out of town and so the progress is even more than this.  The outside overhangs have been put up and the little metal things are being taken care of.  It’s so beautiful.  I know most may not think the same as me, but when you have been looking for this for so long, there is more emotion involved that makes it beautiful.

The inside is being framed more quickly than we ever thought it could be. The first room framed up completely was the prayer room.  That’s exactly what we want first.  Prayer.  We know that we have not done this without God making it happen.  On our own, we messed up, stumbled through and just couldn’t make things happen.  But God has orchestrated the entire process.  We are so thankful God kept us in His hands.

Even more progress has been made since these pictures and when I get back in town, the second stop I will make is to see what’s happening.  We’ve been told by the contractor that if we got all warm and fuzzy about the prayer room, we will be blown away by what is done now.

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July 24

IMG_6019.JPGIt may seem small, but it’s not.  The house on our church property is being converted into a small tabernacle.  And we will be able to seat around 140 chairs in this place.  By having a couple of services a Sunday, everyone will attend church!

This is just the second stage.  Concrete was poured on the porch and the carport to match the foundation of the living room and walls have been put up for support.  The inside walls will be taken down next and the electricity has been upped to support our small sound system.  We will be in here having church within the month.

Some more work still needs to be done on the metal of the outside of the church building but we are still progressing.

A fun fact, well semi-fact, about the property is that we strongly believe that a gator has made his home in the pond in the back acreage.  We will find out as soon as we can get back there without sinking in the mud too far.

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July 20


And the roof has been closed in! This was no easy feat considering the rain and then the heat.  By noon on non-rainy days, it gets to be around 120 degrees on top of the roof.  Super hot to be working.  But it has been done!  The windows will be ordered this week and work inside continues on.

We continue to smooth out the land between the church and the house on the property.  The rain doesn’t make it easy but we are moving that dirt around anyway.  The destruction for construction inside the house has started as well as clearing of the areas around for concrete to be poured.

Excitement is building and more and more people are becoming involved.

July 29 & 30 we are having a Building Fund Benefit lunch.  If you are in the area, contact us for a lunch.

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July 13

imageAs you can see, this picture is overcast and it was raining. I had to lighten it up. But that hasn’t stopped the progress!! The walls have closed in, in the best way possible, and the roof is almost completed! We expect the it to all be on by the end of the week.

Some dear saints are smoothing out the ground in front of the building because we are going to need another place to worship in September. Our rental is up and we are just too close to the end to sign up for more. There is a building on the property that we will convert to have church in. It won’t be easy but our church has been through plenty and will make it through this too.

I am so proud of the warriors our saints have become, pushing through each hurdle, difficulty, postponement with flair. We seem to be like the Israelites wandering through the wilderness, waiting for the promised land to come. But we are almost to the end.

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July 5

vop7.5The metal siding was just about completed today.  For sure this stage of building has seemed like the longest.  It’s  most likely because we like to see progress happen.  When we don’t actually see the progress, we tend to think nothing is happening.  Which, to be honest, is how I felt many times.  I am able to pass by the new church location often and I would get discouraged if I didn’t see anything happening.  But that wasn’t always the case.

One week, it seemed like the progress had stopped but workers were out there.  I found out later that they were having to put the metal on the ground to frame up the windows before they could put them up.  And I had requested 18 windows!! We didn’t but a few in the front of our last church and I thought the classrooms and prayer room really needed them.  So, the “delay” was my fault, but worth it and not really a delay after all.  I just didn’t know what was going on.

Another daily lesson in not judging.  Just because you don’t see progress on the outside doesn’t mean progress isn’t happening.  Give it, people, situations time before jumping to judgement.

So, that’s where we are on the day after the 4th of July.  We are moving forward and are blessed.


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About this site

We are in the process of relocating our church 25 years.  It has been a process started in back in 2011 when we purchased 9 acres of land located in a prime location for progress and growth.  It has seems like such a long time since then.  Many changes have taken place in our staff, congregation and expectations.  But we are warriors.  We will continue to fight and not give up.

Things that haven’t changed include our message, our love for people and the heartbeat of our church to reach out to those hurting and offer hope.  In fact, because of all that we have journeyed through, our focus has become more precise.  We are about reaching out to those who need restoration.

The name of our church is Voice of Pentecost.  We are considering changing it when our new building is ready.  We haven’t completetly decided to what, but it will be to something about Hope.

This site is to keep you updated on our progress till the dedication service in our newly finished church.  The worst is over and we are in final stages. Hopefully, you will keep tabs and maybe even help along the way.052

Here is the tear soaked picture of the day we signed on the new property.  Oh such a long 5 years ago.